Student Support Services

Comprehensive Support and Resources

The Graduate School provides a range of services and resources to provide you with a superior experience, both personally and professionally, and to promote your overall well-being.


We encourage you to create an effective relationship with your adviser early on in your NDSU experience. Here’s how:

  • As early as possible, complete a Plan of Study and submit it to the Graduate School.
  • Establish clear expectations for your relationship with each other and establish a plan for regular interaction and feedback.
  • For research-based programs, develop a research proposal to share with your advisor and committee, and ensure that regulatory compliances are met for IRB, IACUC, and IBC, if necessary. Approvals for compliance are required prior to beginning research. 
  • Proactively solicit feedback from your advisers and committee members.
  • Attend the orientation and professional development sessions offered by your program and the Graduate School.

Career and Advising Center

Use resources from the Career and Advising Center to prepare for your career after graduate school. The center’s staff can help with everything from resume writing to interviewing to creating a professional online presence. They also host a number of career fairs throughout the year and can help you network or find positions within your field.

For more information, visit the Career and Advising Center.

Center for Writers

The Graduate Center for Writers helps graduate students become more successful writers. Our consultants have extensive experience in reading and reviewing a wide range of work by writers at all proficiency levels.

Our goal is to help you understand how to meet the expectations of specific audiences, most often readers in your discipline. We can also help you establish a writing process so that you can effectively integrate the writing component into any project.

For more information on what we offer, to schedule an appointment, or to attend an event, visit the Graduate Center for Writers.

Child Care

The Wallman Wellness Center Child Care Service is a licensed service provided to NDSU students. Trained staff and student workers are on hand to properly care for children on a reservation or drop-off basis. The center offers high-quality care and education for children from six weeks old to five years old.

For more information, visit Wellness Center Child Care.

Counseling Center

The NDSU Counseling Center provides a confidential setting where you may explore concerns that are personal, academic, or career-related. In counseling, you can explore a variety of concerns that may prevent you from functioning at your best. 

The Counseling Center also offers a Graduate Student Support Group on Fridays from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m., where you can talk with other graduate students who share similar concerns and understand the struggles of balancing home, school, and work.

For more information, visit the Counseling Center.

Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources

NDSU Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources collaborates with the NDSU community to facilitate equal access in academic pursuits, to promote self-advocacy and to foster inclusion for students with disabilities.

To get more information on services, see if you qualify, or apply for services, visit Center for Accessibility and Disability Resources.

Information Technology Services

We offer a variety of IT services, from getting set up on the university system to submitting help desk tickets. There are also a number of campus resources and facilities that provide you access to technology like printers, computers, and software.

For more information on the resources and support we provide, visit Information Technology Services.


The Office of the Ombuds can assist graduate students with academic concerns, such as issues that arise around grading, communication with faculty, concerns in labs and other working groups. If you are not sure if your concern fits in this category, feel free to call or schedule a visit to either get assistance or to find out where to find assistance on campus.

For more information, visit the Office of the Ombudsperson.

One Stop

One Stop is a comprehensive service center that offers information about your student account, financial aid, scholarships, tuition, bill payments, registration, and student records. The online center is always open, and a complementary location on campus at Memorial Union provides full-time staff who can assist you in person, by phone, or by email.

To access your information online, visit One Stop.

Safety and Security

The University Police and Safety Office provides professional services and resources to create a safe and secure campus environment, while being prepared to respond to campus emergencies.

The department serves as the lead institutional unit responsible for safety and security, law enforcement, risk management, and emergency preparedness and response.

For more information, visit the University Police and Safety Office

Student Health Service

The Student Health Service provides access to quality healthcare and promotes overall well-being for students. Our services include clinical care, immunizations, emergency care, pharmacy, and other related services. You can also get involved with health promotion in areas like creating wellness programs, violence prevention, and alcohol and drug abuse prevention.

For more information on resources and services, or to schedule an appointment, visit the Student Health Service site.


Parking and Transportation Services creates secure parking and transportation options for the university community.

NDSU and the City of Fargo have established an agreement with the Metropolitan Area Transit System, better known as “MATBUS,” to provide a free mass-transit solution for NDSU students. 

To apply for a parking permit or learn more about transportation options, visit Parking and Transportation Services.